Digital Home automation systems have been around for several years and there are a number of modern systems on the market, many originating in the USA. They have until now been the province of high end homes only, and generally expensive to install and complex to maintain.

Niko are a Belgian company with a 100 year track record in the manufacturing of electrical components in the home. They have been in the home automation industry for 30 years, and in continental Europe, this system is well known.  

BBD Electrical are proud partners with Niko Home automation, and we are trained in the installation and maintenance of the Niko Home Control 2 system. 

Home automation is just that – the pulling together of all the systems in you home into one accessible and centralised user interface. And after careful exploration of the market place, we think Niko offers the most userfriendly, elegant and affordable home automation system out there.

Imagine if you had this system installed in your elderly parents house. A push notification could be sent to your mobile phone if no movement was detected in the bathroom before a certain time in the morning. Equally we could install an emergency call switch by the bedside.

Have your house create plausible occupancy simulation at the trigger of an external PIR?

Do the kids leave the lights on in unoccupied rooms? There’ s a simple solution with Niko – we can set the lights to turn off if no movements detected after a predetermined time.

We can give you properly tied in energy usage reporting systems. And with the Niko door entry system, you can answer your door from your mobile phone, from whereever you are.

These are just some of the functions available; and Niko gives you all this in a single centralised control system, bringing all your house systems together in single convenient App on your phone.

Interested? Get in touch and lets explore the possibilities together.

"What a delightful and efficient pair of chaps.  Thankyou.  Fault was found super fast and fixed in a flash." Flavia, Waterloo.

"As architects we have worked with BBD for a number of years on a variety of projects. We were first introduced to them by a contractor working on a large domestic refurbishment project in London from that day forward they have become our “go to” electrical contractor. Their expertise extends well beyond those of most electrical contractors into the realm of "home automation". They install highly advanced systems which bring together and simplify the control a multitude of aspects within both domestic and commercial environments including lighting, heating, and security. We recommend them without hesitation to every client. Aside from the fact that they are very nice people, they are very easy to work with, excellent electricians, highly principled, decent and honest. They price jobs fairly and execute all their work diligently and with the utmost care. They approach every project with intelligence, expertise, and honed intuition. Given the choice we would work with BBD on every project." Daniel Fennings, H and J Architecture

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"I've used BBD Electrical for several years now, and they've always been professional, reliable and trustworthy. A well-organised company, good at communicating with the client; they'll always work hard to solve difficult problems. My experience with BBD Electrical has been excellent, and I fully recommend them." Ravinder Randhawa, HMO Landlady, Brixton

“BBD Electrical have been my ‘go to’ electrical contractor for a number of years now; simply because they are competitively priced, efficient, very reliable and easy to communicate with. I would recommend BBD to any of my colleagues or clients, no matter how big or small the job; and I do so with confidence knowing that they will deliver as promised.” Claire Lawlor, Regional Manager Warwick Estates