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Part P Building Control & the rules on electrical work.

What you should know.

The legal position on Electrical work was made considerably more rigorous in 2004 with the introduction of Part P of the building regulations. Since the introduction of these rules, whilst ordinary householders are still entitled to make minor repairs and alterations to electrical installations within the home, such as replacing a socket front or a light fitting, more extensive work has become the province solely of the professionals.

Any work that requires extension to existing circuits, and most particularly, work undertaken in so called ‘special locations’ such as bathrooms and outdoors, needs to be undertaken by a ‘competent person’. The work will need electrical testing before it can be ‘signed off’ and deemed as safe. A certificate of test results should be issued, and in some cases, the building control department of your local authority will need to be notified of the work.

Who is a ‘competent person’?

Electrical Contractors are required to be registered for Part P on a government approved competent person scheme and on the Electrical Safety Register. There are a number in existence.

BBD Electrical are registered for Part P with Elecsa.   In order to maintain our membership, our business and working standards are rigorously assessed by Elecsa on an annual basis.  We are also members of the Electrical Contractors Association.

BBD Electrical are also registered on the Safe Contractor Scheme; for more information go to http://www.safecontractor.com/

If you engage us to undertake electrical work in your home, office or workplace, you can be sure that any work undertaken will meet the high safety standards as laid down by the guidelines of the 18th Edition of the regulations of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Our team leader electricians are qualified to a minimum of NVQ Level 3, and all electrical inspections are undertaken by C&G 2394 and 2395 qualified engineers. In addition, where the regulations require it, we will issue full certificates of test results as well as undertaking any necessary building control notifications on your behalf.

And whats more, we are house trained – we pride ourselves on neat and tidy work, punctual attendance, and a friendly and helpful service.

Electrical Condition Reporting

The cables and fittings in the electrical installation in your home are subject to deterioration over time. This can result in a wide variety of faults; the most minor might be the repeated unexplained blowing of a fuse, circuit breaker or RCD. In more extreme cases there can be dangers of electrical shock or fire.

BBD Electrical draw on over 20 years combined experience to professionally assess the general condition of electrical installations. As well as making a thorough visual inspection, we are able to run tests which allow us to assess the condition of the plastic insulation of the electrical cables, the speed at which fuses are going to blow under fault conditions, the condition of the safety circuits or ‘earth’ in the installation, and the speed of RCD trip where present.

If you are a landlord or agent, a prospective house purchaser or a vendor seeking a professional stamp of approval on a property, or just a careful householder, BBD Electrical can supply you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the electrical installation of your property.